Opportunities for graduate study at Gobabeb

Gobabeb is pleased to announce three new opportunities for scholarships for Masters degrees. Scholarships will cover university registration and study fees, study permits (if applicable), accommodation at Gobabeb, project operational costs, essential travel and a monthly stipend.

Masters degree scholarships are available in:

Invertebrate ecology: to investigate species occurrence, diversity and metapopulation and island biogeography dynamics of pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) in the Namib Desert.

Precolonial occupation geography: to investigate the evidence of precolonial human occupation geography, settlement layout, resource distribution and landscape use in the Central Namib Desert.

Botany / plant ecology: to investigate plant species distribution and habitat suitability modelling as part of a project working on Citrullus and Acanthosicyos species and population distribution and genetics in Namibia and adjacent parts of the southern African region.

Send applications by email to Eugene Marais (eugene@gobabeb.org) BY NO LATER THAN 16 JANUARY 2022.

Apply by 16 January 2022