Masters degree scholarship opportunity

Are you interested in understanding weather and climate?
Do you have a Bachelors degree with Honours in Applied Mathematics,
Physics, Meteorology or Geography and Climatology?

Gobabeb, in collaboration with North West University in South Africa,
is inviting applications for a scholarship towards a Masters degree on
Namibian weather and climate. The successful applicant will study
relevant aspects of numerical weather prediction, statistical
downscaling of predictive models, weather data management, and
using data from satellites and observation networks to investigate
the accuracy of operational forecasts.

An understanding of atmospheric physics and climate processes and
an interest in machine learning, statistical analysis and modelling is strongly recommended.

The scholarship will cover university registration and study fees, study permits (if applicable), accommodation, essential travel and a monthly stipend. Stipends and fees are not negotiable.

Eligibility Criteria

The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • have completed a B.Sc. Hons. degree or equivalent within the past three years in Physical Geography, Climatology and Meteorology,
    • or to have a strong background in Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Remote Sensing.
  • be a citizen or permanent resident of Namibia or South Africa;
  • have strong computer languages or modelling skills;
  • be based at Gobabeb, Namibia, for the fieldwork component of the degree;
  • meet the admission requirements and registration procedures for a Masters degree by research at North West University, Potchefstroom campus, South Africa;
  • register during 2024 for a Masters degree by research at North West University, South Africa.

Application Process

To apply, please send:

  • a letter of application;
  • a full CV, including names and contact details of two academic supervisors;
  • copies of academic transcripts with an abstract/summary of the honours project;
  • copies of driving licence (if applicable) and passport and residence visa (if applicable).

Send applications by email to BY NO LATER THAN 15 December 2023