Technical staff

Our “tech team” and "housekeeping team" keeps Gobabeb running.

Gobabeb has always built its tech team from local talent recruited from the local Topnaar (≠Aonin) community, who bring specific skill-sets to working in Gobabeb’s remote setting.

Both our Tech Team and Housekeepers are familiar faces to many returnee scientists and visitors.  They are always willing to go the extra mile!

Tech team

The Gobabeb Tech Team (Left to right):

Richardt Swartbooi
(9 years service)

Josef Gariseb
(12 years service)

Samuel Gowaseb
(6 years service)

Jeffrey !Khurisab
(18 years service)

Housekeeping team

The Gobabeb Housekeeping Team (Left to right):

Rita Swartbooi
(18 years service)

Linda Bees
(18 years service)

With their wide and varied experience, our tech team tackles everything from vehicle maintenance, to repair and refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure, to fabrication of apparatus and research equipment, backed up by the experienced Site Supervisor and station management.

Our housekeeping team ensures that Gobabeb's buildings, which include everything from offices, to labs, to staff accommodation, to lecture halls, to accommodation for vistors and tourists, are kept clean and welcoming.