iNaturalist at Gobabeb

iNaturalist is a web-based platform for citizen science aimed at cataloging the world's biodiversity. It serves a world-wide platform of citizen science.

Thanks to Torsten Dikow of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, all can use iNaturalist to browse observations of the amazing flora and fauna around Gobabeb.

The research station and a 10 km surrounding radius have been set up as a ‘Place’ on iNaturalist -

The 313 square km area surrounding Gobabeb includes the Namib's three main habitats: the Namib Sand Sea, the Gravel Plains, and the riparian woodlands of the ephemeral Kuiseb River.

Being a Place allows any observation with precise geographic co-ordinates to be aggregated and compiled with statistics on species, projects, and people/observers. All data are publicly and freely accessible.

A new project on the insects, arachnids, and myriapods at Gobabeb has also been established -

Spearheaded by Torsten Dikow, who visits Gobabeb frequently, the project studies the flies of the Namib. This project aggregates all observations of terrestrial arthropods around Gobabeb.

 If you have visited the area around Gobabeb, and have interesting data to report, we invite you to add your observations to iNaturalist to compile this easily accessible resource on the amazing diversity of species living in this part of the Namib Desert.

Team Diptera. Left to right: Torsten Dikow, Brandon Claridge, Charlotte Alberts, Allan Cabrero