iNaturalist at Gobabeb

iNaturalist is a web-based platform for citizen science aimed at cataloging the world's biodiversity. It serves a world-wide platform of citizen science.

The Central Namib Bioblitz

Gobabeb made extensive use of iNaturalist in its first ever bioblitz event, the Central Namib Bioblitz at the end of October 2022. The Central Namib Bioblitz was part of the Great Southern Bioblitz, which was undertaken as a multinational drive to catalog southern hemisphere biodiversity.

Click on the images to the right for links to iNaturalist, the Great Southern Bioblitz and the Central Namib Bioblitz.

Click on the infographic for a full size compilation of this year's results!

Stay tuned for next year's Great Southern Bioblitz!

Torsten Dikow

Torsten Dikow of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum has been an iNaturalist contributor for many years.

Torsten has set up Gobabeb as an iNaturalist "Place", which is a 313 square km area surrounding Gobabeb includes the Namib's three main habitats: the Namib Sand Sea, the Gravel Plains, and the riparian woodlands of the ephemeral Kuiseb River.

A new project on the insects, arachnids, and myriapods at Gobabeb has also been established.