Nurit Agam

Professor of Micrometeorology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Nurit’s research themes revolve around the exchange of heat, water, and momentum across the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in the Earth's Critical Zone (the thin living skin).  These interrelated exchange processes regulate the natural environment and determine the abundance of life-sustaining resources.  She explores both natural and agricultural ecosystems, which compound a holistic, complementary view.  Her toolbox comprises field experiments utilizing state-of-the-art micro-meteorological instrumentation, to which she applies modeling approaches.

In natural environments, Nurit’s research epicenter is dryland ecosystems, where water is scarce, and conditions are extreme.  In these areas, non-rainfall water inputs (NRWIs; in the form of dew, fog, and direct water vapor adsorption) play a crucial role in the ecosystem's functioning.  This is what first brought her to Gobabeb in 2017, as she joined Prof. (Emeritus) Scott Turner and Berry Pinshaw in teaching the Biophysical Field Methods course. Since then, she has been visiting frequently, engaging with Gobabeb’s researchers and students.

Her ultimate vision is to convince the scientific community of the great role of desert environments in the global climate. We know too little about our deserts and we must change that.

 Nurit’s lab website is here.