Abi Stone

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography. University of Manchester

Abi Stone first visited Gobabeb in 2007, during the second half of her PhD research. She investigates long term environmental and landscape change in drylands, particularly in the context of connections with archaeology, including here in the Namib Sand Sea.

Abi’s research uses sand to tell the time, to reconstruct the past via luminescence dating of sediments within dunes and deposited by former rivers. She also works with geochemical and isotopic signatures contained in water-lain carbonates and groundwater to reconstruct past climatic change. She is interested in the pathways that sediments take and the timescales over which features like sand dunes accumulate and alter over thousands of years to many hundreds of thousands of years.

With colleagues from the National Museum of Namibia, the US, UK and South Africa, Abi is part of the Survey and Archaeology of the Namib Desert Surface (SANDS) project. THe members of the SANDS project are presently in the first phase of work at the site of Namib IV.

Abi’s University of Manchester profiles is here: https://research.manchester.ac.uk/en/persons/abi.stone